Don’t Break The Rules….For Effective Retail Signage!

In a recent article from My Print Resource Magazine the rules for effective retail signage was covered. As the holiday season comes in, retail signage plays a even bigger part in your company’s marketing! It offers a large return on your investment but requires some knowledge before you jump into it full swing!

1)  Understand your audience – who is going to see the sign, who do you want to see the sign, and who is your current shopper.

2) Make the Message easy to understand – Do not use smoke and mirrors.

3) Make signs east to read – legible and clear. White space is ok!

4) Placement is critical. Easy access and in plain site – make sure nothing is blocking the message. 


Mary Sol Gonzalez, the President of the Image360 franchise in Boca Raton, FL said that a single vehicle graphic can generate up to 16,000 views per day in South Flordia! In addition, she cited University of San Diego studies that show how sales increase up to 5 percent when retailers change an existing sign.

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