Don’t Break The Rules….For Effective Retail Signage!

In a recent article from My Print Resource Magazine the rules for effective retail signage was covered. As the holiday season comes in, retail signage plays a even bigger part in your company’s marketing! It offers a large return on your investment but requires some knowledge before you jump into it full swing!

1)  Understand your audience – who is going to see the sign, who do you want to see the sign, and who is your current shopper.

2) Make the Message easy to understand – Do not use smoke and mirrors.

3) Make signs east to read – legible and clear. White space is ok!

4) Placement is critical. Easy access and in plain site – make sure nothing is blocking the message. 


Mary Sol Gonzalez, the President of the Image360 franchise in Boca Raton, FL said that a single vehicle graphic can generate up to 16,000 views per day in South Flordia! In addition, she cited University of San Diego studies that show how sales increase up to 5 percent when retailers change an existing sign.

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Understanding Google Analytics

Have you ever wondered how much traffic your website was getting? How do people come to your website? What do they do on your website? Or better yet – have you ever asked yourself why is my website not producing revenue? PIP is here to help you understand!

Schedule a Understanding Google Analytics Training Session and our Marketing Director Jessica Byerly will come to your office and train you how to read and understand your Analytics from your website.  Space is limited and each session is 2 hours in length! Right now this offer is only $250.00!

To take advantage of this offer please email Jessica here to see what times are available, or please call our office! Please Call 888-927-8290 or 888-346-1169.


PIP Triad Celebrates 30 Years Service!

On Thursday November 7th, PIP Triad Owners Jimmy and Judy Brumley along with our customers, corporate guests, staff, family and friends celebrated 30 years of service in the Triad! Over the past thirty years the Brumley’s have been an award winning industry leader offering marketing and business communication solutions in the Alamance County area. With over 37,000 square feet of sales, production and fulfillment space PIP Printing and Marketing Services in Burlington is the largest franchise facility in the PIP network. The Brumley’s contribute their time and resources to many charitable groups including the YMCA youth programs, DARE, Habitat for Humanity, Alamance Community College and more. 

In May of 2013, owners Jimmy and Judy acquired the PIP Printing and Marketing Services in Greensboro, North Carolina, introducing one team with two locations as PIP Printing and Marketing Services of the Triad.

The Celebration last Thursday included customers, vendors, corporate staff partners, as well as family and friends. The Entire PIP Triad Staff from both locations were also present. Thank you to all of our customers that have supported us over the past thirty years! Here is to thirty more!


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The Importance of a Social Media Strategy

Over the past couple of years, PIP Triad has been eager to expand its marketing reach and expand its service offerings to include marketing services.  We have been successful at both, first, by hiring our Marketing Director, Jessica Byerly.  As the social media wiz that she is, Jessica handles social media marketing for PIP Triad and she also has helped create a new revenue stream for PIP by managing social media for a number of our customers.

A 2013 survey by the CMO showed that marketing budgets were expected to be up about 6%, but marketing spending on traditional advertising (meaning all media not using the web) is declining by 2.7%.  Traditional direct mail and printed marketing pieces fall in this category. However digital marketing spend is up 10.2%.  This includes social media, website, SEO, banner ads, etc.

Here at PIP Triad, we could see that a number of our customers were struggling with social media.  But before they could offer to help they needed to demonstrate that they could really deliver great service.  So we hired Jessica to manage PIP Triad’s social media activities.  Once PIP’s own social media was up and running successfully then they began to offer to do the same for customers.

Jessica spends about an hour and a half per week generating content and managing Facebook, Twitter, and their blog. And now she spends time on behalf of her customers and generates between $400 and $2000 per month in revenue per client, managing social media for them.

social media

This past week, our Marketing Director, Jessica Byerly, conducted a webinar for PODi…

“I was honored to be asked and enjoyed it throughly! There were over 35 people that attended the webinar including Mark Johns from our corporate office and one of our very own PIP Triad owners, Judy Brumley!”    – Jessica Byerly

She is still receiving emails from viewers, such as Dave Erlandson, the GM of Caslon & Co, thanking her for presenting such helpful advice!

When it comes to developing a social media effort the biggest objections are “I don’t have time for it” and “It won’t drive any business for me.” Learning why establishing a strategic social media strategy is important for your business and learn about tools to help you manage your effort. Once you have mastered a social media strategy for your own business, you can then learn how you can offer it as a value-added service to your clients.

Our Marketing Director, Jessica Byerly, has managed up to 15 different social media programs for her clients over the past five years. She has worked with small and large business, starting Facebook pages from scratch and growing them to 600 Fans in just two months or more. In this webinar, she shares the best practices, such as the right times of day to post, the type of content to post and how to get the best engagement from your audience.

Some key takeaways from this webinar:

  • How much time should a business spend on social media? How often should they update content pages? Different sites accept and require different frequencies. Each generation consumes social media differently. Knowing where, when, how and what to post to your audience will make a big difference in your engagement
  • Learn what type of content a business should use to trigger a response – Images, questions, polls, contests, retweets, mentions?
  • How do you measure fan growth and engagement? Learn how to use numerous free and low cost tools to help manage your social media presence, and help you learn who your customer is
  • Low cost/no cost ways to build your fan base, grow awareness for your business and sell more volume

With Jessica’s enormous help, we quickly realized that we were able to sell more document printing and more signage to the companies for which she managed their social media.  So not only is she able to drive revenue for PIP Triad by managing social media she is able to drive additional new printing revenue as well.  Very cool!

If you are a member of PODi, feel free to watch Jessica’s presentation. Just follow the link & log in!