2013 FSI Convention

PIP Triad owners, Jimmy and Judy Brumley, had a blast at last week’s PIP International  and FSI Conventions  in Indianapolis at the Indianapolis Marriott!

Our fearless leader, Jimmy, participated in a panel discussion about signage. He told our story here at PIP Triad and discussed how we continually remind and keep our customers updated as to what we can offer and how each of our products and/or services can help their business or organization grow.


They even ran into our friends, Kate and Jason, from Creative Services!


Throughout the convention, Don Lowe, David Robidoux, and Kris Dhanam (just to name a few!) share great insight on both print and marketing industries and how the two are becoming one entity. At the show, there were 29 new vendors specializing in signage! Signage should be a major part of any companies’ Marketing Strategy… Many businesses have been relying on signage for years already: Ad Agencies, Broker Printers, Graphic Designers, Manufacturing and others. Unfortunately,  Print is currently down 1.3% and is expected to drop by 1% each year to come, UNLESS… we begin to embrace Marketing as a key point in developing more print!

Robidoux discussed the “changing world of marketing”, emphasizing that mobile is the market right now. Desktops and laptops are in double-digit decline due to the explosion of data available on mobile phones and tablets. Even QR codes are in a race to keep up as static website-linked codes are considered out of date now. Scanned codes such as QR and Digimarc should direct users to more interactive, useful, and up-to-date content such as current coupons, videos or photos… and this is something that can easily be done so long as the client has access to change the information and links as needed. This is a perfect example of relevancy and the importance of delivering the “right message at the right time through the right media to the right person”.  It is crucial for the print and marketing industry to provide the right strategy for the marketing needs of each and every client.

“To succeed to today, don’t repeat success; move on to other things that apply to that customer.” – David Robidoux


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