PIP Meet & Greet…


PIP Employee-AaronAaron Hannaford

With more than 25 years of experience in the print industry, Aaron Hannaford has been with PIP as Production Manager & Press Operator for the past 14 years in Greensboro. Tired of the long cold winters of Maine, Aaron and his family migrated south to North Carolina in spring of 1999. Not only was he attracted to the warmer climate, he’s also grown fond of the warm and friendly work environment here at PIP Printing & Marketing.

“What I like most about working at PIP is the people that I work with and I am excited about the new services we now offer. I feel our caring attitude towards our customers is what really makes us stand out!” – Aaron Hannaford

When away from the printer or press, Aaron enjoys fishing, photography, and exploring new places while striving to live each day to the fullest!

Aaron has won various awards for Quality Printing through PIP as he continues to work hard to please our customers and to keep up with the latest in printing services and technology.



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