PIP Greensboro Store Makeover

Following the exciting store merger, PIP’s Greensboro store has been pampered with a face-life over the past couple weeks.

Check out the lobby & conference space wall installations, each designed, produced and installed by our PIP Printing & Marketing Team! Thanks to HP Ecosolutions, each wall graphic was produced in house by our HP L26500 printer on HP PVC-Free Wallpaper Substrate.  Static clings and other window applications were also created in our Burlington print warehouse.

PIP Greensboro

PIP Greensboro

PIP Greensboro

PIP Greensboro

These applications are only a hint at our capabilities. Let PIP Triad help refresh your commercial or residential space with wallpaper, floor & window graphics, custom canvass & posters… Call 336.222.0717 or 336.351.2331 today!

PIP Greensboro    PIP Greensboro





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