PIP Triad Meet & Greet…

This week, meet…

jeremy“I believe we are different because of the amount of services we provide. We cover all aspects of the Printing and Marketing world and we continue to asses every aspect of our production department to give the best in quality and on-time deliveries.” Jeremy Mitchell, Director of Production

As our Director of Production, Jeremy Mitchell oversees all aspects of the Production Department to ensure quality not only meets, but exceeds every customer’s expectations, as well as on-time deliveries and installations. Our Printing and Marketing Services Team would not have received the Franchise of the Year Award, twice, without Jeremy’s dedication and expertise. Jeremy takes great pride in leading a team that continually surpasses industry standards. Raised by a military and law enforcement veteran, Jeremy’s ability to stay on task, remain well-organized and put his best foot forward keeps PIP Triad on track!

“What I like most about PIP Printing and Marketing Services of the Triad is the amount of experience and total dedication of every team member. We are directed towards one mission statement and we always give it 100%.”

Raised in a small mountain area and many years spent in Southwest Florida, Jeremy was immediately attracted to the Triad’s unique location between North Carolina’s mountains and beaches. Devoted to raising his children in an environment similar to his own, Jeremy and his family relocated seven years ago and have been a crucial part of the PIP Triad team ever since.


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