Introducing PIP of the Triad…

What an exciting month May has been for PIP Printing and Marketing Services! We keep rambling on about our store merger but have yet to provide a glimpse of the people who have made such a growth possible. Employees from both locations met for a fun dinner at the PIP Triad headquarters in Burlington, NC …

Now you can meet our Triad Team too!

PIP Triad Group Shot

We are down to earth folk, eager to get to know each and every one of our customers and we would love for our customers to get to know us! Find out what makes PIP Printing and Marketing Services of the Triad different by meeting our staff one by one throughout the following weeks right here!!

Today, meet:


“Our PIP is different. It is the people and process that set us apart from your ordinary printer. We can build your website, print your store signage, and then print your business cards… total package!”  – Jessica Byerly, Marketing Director

About a year and a half ago, Jessica Byerly joined PIP as our Marketing Director. With a focus on Digital Marketing, Social Media, Websites, and fully Integraged Marketing Systems, Jessica handles PIP’s Internal Marketing efforts and guides our customers in growing their own businesses. The past year has been a busy one for Jessica. She was asked to speak at the PODi App Forum in Las Vegas, educating printers from around the world on Integrated Marketing.

Outside of the print world, Jessica lives on a farm with her husband of 14 years, 10 year old daughter, 7 rescue cats, 1 rescue dog and numerous chickens, geese, and rabbits. She and her husband enjoying beekeeping, working on their land, and cheering sideline at their daughter’s softball games.

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