Last Week’s L&L Discussion: Cross Media Marketing


Last Wednesday was another full house here at PIP! Application Engineer & Business Management Consultant, Mark Hildebrandt from Franchise Services spoke to our Lunch & Learn guests about how to grow their business with Cross Media Marketing…

Mark pointed out today’s trends of digital & multi-media as the lead medium in marketing and suggested new ways for businesses to grow, including Direct, Mobile, Email, Social Media, and Inbound Marketing by following the ‘Marketing Path’:

  • Attract
  • Convert to leads
  • Convert to sales
  • repeat = higher margins
  • analyze for improvement


Businesses today must establish and develop relationships to increase traffic and product brand awareness!

If you missed out on last week’s presentation, registration for our next Lunch & Learn on June 19th is NOW OPEN!! Join us for lunch and learn about the different types of signage and its benefits, as well as how to get the ‘Green Signage Effect’ from HP. Click here to register online!


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