Understanding Growth

Understanding Growth


In the spirit of the first day of Spring (finally!) we though we would share this insightful blog about growth expectations for our companies or ourselves…

Author, Megan Auman, founded Designing an MBA in 2009 to help entrepreneurs and small businesses develop their business skills. She speaks to herself and to readers about big dreams vs. unrealistic expectations in hopes of avoiding frustration and burned out feeling many begin to feel when just starting out. Although a little blunt, these few reminders Auman has pointed out are very true and could be very helpful to our entrepreneurial readers:

  • There is a limit to the amount a one-person company can grow
  • You need to match your growth expectations to your lifestyle choices
  • You won’t make a full-time income running your business part-time
  • Money makes growth happen faster
  • Growth requires a plan, not just a dream

Take a moment to visit this post and browse through Megan’s blog, Designing an MBA, and follow our Marketing board on Pinterest for other cool & helpful resources!

Happy Spring!!

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