Help Your Website Blossom in One Weekend or Less

A website is like a garden. Properly attended, it will produce an abundant harvest of qualified leads and satisfied customers. Neglect it, and user interest will shrivel up and die on the vine.

Here are three things you can do this weekend to help your website flourish:

  • Weed your About page. New visitors almost always check the About page. If it’s overgrown with old facts, photos, bios or other information, visitors receive an inaccurate impression of who you are. The cycle of know you-like you-trust you begins with accurate, relevant content, especially your About page.
  • Feed your blog. If you’re not blogging, you know you should start. But we’ll forego the lecture and guilt trip (at least for now). If you are blogging, devote 30 minutes this weekend to growing your supply of posts. Spend the first half brainstorming reader-relevant subject matter.  Don’t filter—just write quickly, noting anything and everything that comes to mind. Pick the most interesting topic and spend the last half of your time bulleting the top five points readers might want to know. Create posts that educate, inform, enlighten or opine. But please, skip the hard sell.
  • Prune your other content. Some information is evergreen, meaning that its value to readers will last a long time. Other pages, imagery and PDFs need regular updates to keep them fresh and relevant. Check your site for dated, inaccurate or off-strategy content. Note changes to be made and send the old stuff to the marcompost pile on Monday.

With proper care and feeding, websites can yield a regular crop of informed and loyal customers. But occasionally, you have to dig in and get your hands dirty. How about starting this weekend?

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