No Control Website?

For years now your friends brother’s cousin has had control of your website. There has not been any changes done to the site. It has sat for years and years. The phone numbers have changed, hours of operation of have changed…and you have even added new locations that are not listed on your website. You have old employees that have moved out-of-state listed and since the last update you have remodeled your location and it no longer looks the same.

Sound Familiar?

We see this happen time and time again. It is a great that you have a web presence. There are still companies today that do not have a website. However,  you need control of your website. Coding is still rather difficult and sites are built-in code. However here at PIP we build our sites on what is called a Content Management System.

This is a system that will allow you the owner of YOUR website to manage it yourself. A Content management System (otherwise known as CMS) is a computer system that allows publishing, editing, and modifying content on your website.  It is simple and not difficult – as easy as working in a Word Document.

If your site is out of your control and you would like to control it – Give Us A Call! We are here to help!



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