ABC’s of signage

Think about signs you know.. Everyone knows signs  – Yard Sale, For Sale, Real Estate, and Political. They are all signs that if seen we know almost everything we need to know to make a decision. However with the abundance of these signs on the side of the road – Signs have become so  common that their importance can be taken for granted.

As an entrepreneur, though, you should know that your sign can be vitally important to your bottom line.

The best signs are designed well enough to attract business, while at the same time enhancing the area where they are meant to work.

According to the NYS Small Business Development Center –  An effective sign is one that follows the ABC’s.

1. Attracts New Customers

2. Brands in the Minds of Consumers

3. Creates Impulse Sales

4. Helps a Mobile Society

5. Aids Traffic Safety

6. Enhances the Look of a Community


Now with that in mind – do you need a NEW sign? PIP Printing and Marketing Service in Burlington is also you local Sign Manufacturer! We can do it all even make your front door and Welcome Home Sign for your business! Call us today 336-222-0717.


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