Socially Inclined

This week’s issue of the Triad Business Journal there is an article written by Ms. Catherine Carlock about a dental practice in Greensboro and their Social Media Marketing. They are doing things right! Dr. Civils and his wife are using Social Media to their advantage. Carlock talks about the time it takes to do Social Media the right way. Devoting enough time and choosing the right channels. The Civils are doing both Facebook and Twitter!

As it stated in the article not every Social Media Channel is right for you. Explore where your customers are at – Are they twitter users, Facebook users, do they spend their time on YouTube or reading articles.

Just having a page or presence is good but not good enough. You have to engage your clients. We often hear from clients that they post things and never get a response. Did you know that the time of day you post has a lot to do with the engagement level?

MBA Online did a study last year about how consumers consume their media, Social Media included. Take a look and see – who are your customers? and when are they looking for media?

Social Media – is also a 24 hour 7 day a week job – There is always a possibility that someone will post, ask a question, write a referral, or seek information. You need to be ready and willing to respond.

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