What does EDDM mean?

You may have recently seen or heard commercials by the United States Postal Service about Every Door Direct Mail. But what does this mean for you? No more mailing lists! No permit! No hassle!

Every Door Direct Mail makes getting your message out simpler than ever. An EDDM mailpiece can be used to target specific neighborhoods to help increase your business. You can choose to mail to businesses and residences or residences only, and postage is as little as 14.5¢ each. You can mail as few as 200 pieces or no more than 5000 pieces per day.

Here are some ideas for an EDDM mailing:

Realtors: You’re always looking for properties to list. Use a postcard in targeted neighborhoods to let homeowners interested in selling their homes know about you and what benefits you can offer them if they list with you.

Restaurants: This is great for new restaurants to let people know that you’re now open in their neighborhood. For any restaurant, it’s an inexpensive way to build up your clientele. Make sure you include a coupon to give people a reason to try out your restaurant.

Churches: Residential areas constantly have people moving in and out of them. Why not let the neighborhoods around your church know about your service times and activities for families? Make new residents feel that they are welcomed in the neighborhood and to your church.

Doctors and dentists: Don’t count on people simply knowing your office is in their neighborhood. Offer a free service or discount to bring in new clients.

Individuals: Do you have a lost pet? Are you having a yard sale? Instead of hoping someone driving by where you posted a sign about your lost pet or yard sale, and Every Door Direct Mail mailpiece will go to every home in your surrounding neighborhood and save you time.

You can make the mailpiece even more valuable by adding a coupon or a QR code (we can help you with that, too).

The possibilities are endless.

Let PIP Printing and Marketing Services help you design, print and mail your message.  Call us today to get started.


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