Websites Within Facebook!!!!!

Well, spring is here and with spring comes many new beginnings, so why not start fresh with your Facebook Page?

Sure, you may have used Facebook last year to create leads for business; but this year, why not take full advantage of the power of social media?

In business, a large component is looking professional, talking professionally, and having professional tools. How professional does it look when you post sales on your Facebook wall? People would much rather see information and fun over a Facebook wall.

Although Facebook wasn’t created specifically for business needs, there are ways to increase the level of professionalism on your wall, and thus increase value for your services. When they look at your business page, you want buyers to see an extension of your business, and give them all the information they would need to make a further decision.

Growth Marketing, a division of PIP Burlington, is proud to offer you websites within Facebook! We have developed the amazing ability to insert apps that function like a menu bar on your Facebook page. It’s much like having a miniature fully-functioning Facebook website!

Out of all the amazing apps we have developed, we determined the following as the most useful:

Welcome – also known as the “landing page.” This is a great app, because right off the bat it allows you to represent your business in the way you desire. Having a landing page is more professional to land on, rather than the wall where there is too much info and no call-to-action.

About Us – Having an “about us” tab is perfect for giving your clients more information and statistics on your company. It’s the ideal location to tell people how to contact you as well.

Lead Generation with Email – The Lead Generation App is an Inbound Marketer’s dream. The Lead Generation App lets you create a call to action, customize your form to gather visitor information, attach a PDF (or a file of your choice). You are off to capturing leads from your Facebook page.

Inventory Listings – This app is the most crucial to any business looking to tap into the potential of Facebook generated leads. It’s the fastest and easiest way to add inventory to your Facebook page. You can add pictures, videos, Google Maps, and more to customize your Listings Page. You can even match the color scheme of your web to your listings.

Twitter – Integrate your Twitter feed and pull in Tweets to your Facebook page with just a couple of clicks. Tweets will automatically update when a user hits your page and click through to follow your posts! In the case of a realtor, it’s great. When you have a new house on the market, you can tweet it and clients on Facebook will be able to view it.

Having a professional Facebook page is easy to obtain and almost instantly upgrades the value of your business services.  Ready to get started?  Set up your appointment today and receive 25% off the set-up fee. If you refer a friend who sets up an appointment, you will receive an additional 10% off your set-up fee.

Hurry—Discount Offer Ends April 13, 2012

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