Multichannel (Marketing…..Not TV Guide)

Multichannel Marketing – What does that mean? Multichannel Marketing is using different platforms to reach your customer with the same message. In the current marketing world, there are hundreds of ways to reach your customer. A channel might be store signage, a web site, or a direct personal communication by letter, email, or Text Message. It could be a Facebook Post or Tweet, a paid search ad, Facebook Ad, or YouTube video, even a TV commercial or radio spot.

It is also different for each and every customer. Each generation takes in their media differently.

To give an example: If you are a retail shop selling clothing to 20-30 year-old women, how would you market?

Women in the 20-30 year-old range are considered to be Adult Millennials. Throughout the morning and evening, the top ways of reaching that audience is through radio and Facebook. During the middle of the day, Facebook, Information, and Entertainment are tops.

Timing is everything in Multichannel Marketing. You want to make sure if your customer is using two screens (watching TV and using a laptop) that the messages match. Stop delivering mixed messages to your consumers. Make sure that whatever offer you are promoting that it is clearly displayed on your website, in your store, on your mailers, and any other touch point you are using.


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