Simple Ways to Grow Your Business.

What if we could find 500 to 1,000 new customers for you in the next 30 days? Would you be interested?

Search Engine Marketing (SEM, Pay Per Click, also known as Paid Search) is an online program which uses keywords to drive searching customers to your website through Google, Yahoo, Bing and many more. Since every client and every campaign is unique, the keyword discovery process is critical for a successful SEM campaign and trackable results. The fact that these are customers who are looking for your services right now and just might not know your name means they are ready to pull the trigger.

We uncover the keywords most relevant to your business to ensure a focused and targeted campaign. The core keywords go through a broadening process from the initial keyword discovery which reveals all of the applicable keywords for a particular search campaign. Once a program launches, we track the performance of every keyword and what activity that keyword has brought to your website. Did the keyword result in a form submission? A phone call? A SALE?! As the campaign is optimized, we will adjust the bids on keywords that are generating leads and conversions, while lowering the bids on lower performing keywords.  We will also omit keywords that are not performing well.

Are you interested in GROWING your business? We want to help. Call 336-222-0217.


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